Ensuring client-first, 1-on-1 personal management at the artistry level.

art - ist - ry
Artistic quality of effect or workmanship.

Our team here at Emagine believes in great people doing great things and above all being artistry in the industry we are all passionate about. We value transparency, honestly, integrity, creativity, and above all the drive to want our clients to succeed. Emagine works with the best of the best to ensure that all of our talent is in great hands.

Our team works hard to give you the career you have always dreamed of. With the ability to see both short term and long term goals, our team maps out the best strategy for your success and provides guidance every step of the way. At Emagine, we believe in our clients because our clients believe in us. Become part of something bigger than yourself when you work with one of our dedicated team members and take your career to the next level.

Our clients have been recognized at the highest levels of honor in their respective industries, including the Academy Awards and Emmys.

Team Emagine

Alicia Williams
Alisa Flum
Arus Motta
Ashley Steele
Ben Phelps
Bryan Robbins
Christie Richards
Ellen Felton

Gavin Reidenauer
Gwenna Hendrickson
Joelle David
John Zurek
Josh Raymond
Karen Jacobsen
Laura McCranie
Lani West
Lucinda Bruce

Martina Williams
Paul Hartwig
Rianne Senining
Ryan Berria
Samantha Marz
Stream Lee
Szeto Ka Wing
Victoria Lee
Yasuhiro Igarashi


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